Thomas Allen Cummins grew up in Tampa, Florida USA and began learning to play guitar and drums while in high school in the early 80s. His first band, Nerve Center, was formed by friend singer/songwriter/keyboardist Mark Frierson. Mark's idea was to assemble a variety of musically adept schoolmates to focus on creating original New Wave and mildly Punk influenced songs with Mark as vocalist and front-man. The band played locally for nearly a year before Frierson left to pursue more electronic oriented music while Thomas carried on as lead singer/guitarist with Nerve Center's drummer and bassist to form Multiple Choice. In the absence of Frierson's keyboard the band adopted a more simplistic, guitar driven sound which drastically altered the group's personality. However after a few months of performing a mix of altered Nerve Center and newly written songs, the band's bassist left forcing yet another reformation. Fortunately Thomas' childhood friend Dan Southard had been learning to play bass and proved to be a perfect replacement. Believing the band should adopt a more aggressive style with the new lineup the group changed the name to Cockpit, writing and playing songs influenced by bands like 999, The Clash, The Vapors and early XTC. Over time Thomas and the band's sound evolved into a more nuanced and atmospheric feel using guitar and vocal delay effects influenced by U2, Echo and the Bunnymen and Simple Minds and the band again decided to change its name to Clear Frontier. In the 90s Clear Frontier shifted it's focus to Christian rock and added a number of new members including Thomas' wife Kimberlie. The band performed and recorded for over a decade with the group's last performance to date in 2009. In the mid 90s Thomas had begun experimenting with writing and recording as a solo artist which has become his full time musical occupation focusing on instrumental, guitar and keyboard oriented songs.

I Need

July 2nd, 2013 + 10:07 PM  ·  thomasallencummins

This is a song I wrote in the 80s that I've been working on recently.
Its intended to be in the style of The Cars or Ric Ocasek.
Its in an experimental state in that I've been fooling around with the vocals and am not set with how I want to present them.

Instead of making a new post I have posted a new,  more traditional vocal mix on soundcloud.


I Need

I feel the pressure there
Hard enough to make me jump
Tangles are in my hair
It tears me down to a stump

I can't shake this weight
It's like a Monkey on my back
Someone has got to share,
share with me a heart attack

Yes I need, I need everyone to leave
But I need you, I need you to get me through
Get me through, yeah

Something is coming down
You can feel it all around the town
We're all making waves
But the level is up to your nose
And if you shout aloud it will come back and blow your mind
And if you stand your ground you won't last til the second round

Yes I need, I need everyone to leave
But I need you, I need you to get me through
Get me through, yeah

I can see your face
It's got me running scared
You've got so much to hate
Your humanity is up, its in the air

Yes I need, I need everyone to leave
But I need you, I need you to get me through
Get me through, yeah

How do you give a bassline more...bass?

June 27th, 2013 + 10:06 AM  ·  thomasallencummins

Here is a scenario that has popped up a lot lately and I could use some help.
Kind of a recording/processing newbie so bear in mind I may not know the proper terms for whatever solution is applicable.

Suppose you've recorded a bassline you really like and you managed to record it fairly flat in the eq and you really have no wish to re record the track with the proper settings.

What is the best way to process the track to give it more body, more bass signal without blurring the signal but maintaining the clarity and texture of the performance?

I tend to use a Jazz Bass for my recordings and much prefer the bridge pickup for some reason.
Though that style works well with some recordings sometimes it just lacking in "Thunder" because there's too much "Lightning".

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give me.



June 27th, 2013 + 9:06 AM  ·  thomasallencummins

Working on another batch of songs for a second instrumental album.
Nightling is a song that is currently under construction so I could use some feedback on the mix, structure, performance etc.
I have an idea for a bridge but I wonder if I'm throwing too much at the song.
Its also admittedly a little melodramatic with the storm sound effects but including the sound seemed to help get the feel right.

Any comments at all are welcome.

Thanks guys.

The One

June 24th, 2013 + 6:06 PM  ·  thomasallencummins

Home recording of a song I wrote back in the 80s with the band Multiple Choice.
One of the first songs I attempted after buying Sonar Producer 7.
The vocals were recorded with a standard SM58.


I know I can't stay the night.
I feel it wouldn't be right.
But it would be fun.

They say I'm somewhat of a kid.
They go by what I did.
Not what I do.

I'm flying through a maze.
I'm dead at the end.
We're set in our ways.
Fighting for a friend.

You're the One.

Uranus Gas

June 22nd, 2013 + 2:06 PM  ·  thomasallencummins

Uranus Gas, one of 10 instrumental songs inspired by Gustav Holst's "The Planets".
Uranus Gas' title is a play on "Classical Gas" and features melodies and moods that are the artist's take on the personality of the gas giant planet.
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